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Supernatural (Rewatch) Orange is the New Black Pokemon Indigo League Game of Thrones

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Twist and Shout A Storm of Swords Torment
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Matchbox Twenty Goo Goo Dolls Daughtry

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Cats are amazing

Opinions for All (Stop Common Core)

Love Matchbox Twenty, The Walking Dead, Supernatural, Arrested Development and cats. Game of Thrones is amazing and omg Kit Harington! I will always follow back. Inbox me at any time, I'd love to chat with some cool new people! Literally message me about anything! Philosophical questions, problems you've been having, hopes, dreams, or just to say hey.

Fandoms I am in:
Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire)
The Walking Dead
Once Upon a Time
American Horror Story
Teen Wolf
Bates Motel
Harry Potter

My OTPs:
Dean and Castiel
Gendry and Arya
Daenerys and Jorah
Brienne and Jaime
Killian and Emma
Robin Hood and Regina
Rumple and Belle
Oliver and Felicity
Styles and Lydia
Crowfeather and Leafpool
Tigerheart and Dovewing

My Favorite Characters:
Game of Thrones: Jon Snow
Supernatural: Dean Winchester
The Walking Dead: Michonne
Once Upon a Time: Jefferson
American Horror Story: Kit Walker
Arrrow: Felicity Smoak
Teen Wolf: Stiles
Bates Motel: Dylan
Harry Potter: Dobby
Warriors: Graystripe